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Upcoming Neuroethics Conferences You Do NOT Want To Miss!

This week we wanted to focus on current and upcoming Neuroethics events. Let's take a look at what’s going on within the field this year. Whether you’re an academic looking for opportunities to exchange information between researchers, or located in the public sphere and curious about the who, what, where, when, and why of the Neuroethics field- we’ve got something for you!

Take a peek below at current Neuroethics highlights and upcoming events below.

Pontifical Academy for Life; 26 February-28 February 2020

We are currently in the throws of an excellent session regarding ethics, law, and health as it relates to Artificial Intelligence. While this may not be directly associated with Neuroethics, we believe in shedding light on Neuroethics-adjacent events that emphasize our focus on ethics and emerging technologies. Click HERE for more information.

Dana Foundation Brain Awareness Week; 16 March-22 March 2020, Global

The Dana Foundation is a phenomenal jumping off-point for those interested in understanding the brain and brain health through public outreach. As Brain Awareness Week approaches, check out amazing resources HERE on how to contribute, and how to participate. We love the Dana Foundation’s ability to communicate science, connect educators, and raise awareness.

Effective Altruism Global; 20 March-22 March 2020, San Francisco, California

To learn more about the philosophical and social movement aimed at doing as much good as possible using evidence-driven solutions, check out the EA Global event HERE. Although this may be adjacent to Neuroethics, it is no less relevant! When it comes to critically thinking about potential threats, AI, and how we can do the most good , look no further than EA.

Italian Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting: The Future of Neuroethics 13 May-15 May 2020 Milan, Italy

Other than an excuse to go to Milan, the Italian Neureothics Society is organizing its 11th international scientific conference 'Neuroethics: New ways of investigating the brain' with topics ranging from cerebral organoids, neuropolitics, cognitive enhacements and much more. This is a conference you do not want to miss. Check out who will be speaking in Milan this Spring.

Neuroethics Network Meeting; 17 June-19 June 2020 Paris, France

Another great location to organize a neuroethics conference! This summer, the ICM Foundation and Cambridge University Press are organizing their yearly Neuroethics Meeting. The venue is breathtaking, and last year's program gives a great idea of the variety of content and international speakers that attend the Neuroethics Network. If you're not going, we sure are! More info HERE.

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics, and Policy 18 June-19 June 2020 Toronto, Canada

Another relevant and adjacent event, this conference is focused on discussing the latest technology in AI as it relates to the legal, ethical, and political implications of the technology. Take a peek HERE for more information.

International Conference on Neuroethics; 16 July-17 July 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

For a great interdisciplinary experience, check out the ICN. Here, scientists and researchers alike are encouraged to share their experience in neuroethics. A primary objective of this conference is to, “present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Neuroethics”. Take a peek at their call for papers HERE.

International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting; 22 October-23 October 2020 Washington, DC

If you are interested in chatting with (and listening to) up and coming leaders, researchers, and experts, this event is for you! Take a peek HERE to learn more. The INS is a great resource that is intended to spark both dialogue and research within the field. According to the INS, their group is needed to, “ promote sustained interaction, learning and critical discussion that will strengthen our field”. For more information about their essay contest or joining the organization, click HERE.

Conferences and workshops are the best way to network with like-minded individuals and grow your contact list. So what are you waiting for?

The events listed are certainly not exhaustive - if you know of a relevant upcoming event, please reach out! We’d love to know and promote what’s got you motivated.

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