Same Mission, Different Name: Meet 'Neuroethics Today'

This post is not a blog post. This post is to inform our community members and all those that have been tuning in to the Neuroethics Police podcast since its launch in January 2019, that we have rebranded our platform to 'Neuroethics Today'. Here's why:

You've probably noticed by now that we have eliminated any sign of the Neuroethics Police - the former name of this platform. And the reason we have done so is because we do not think we've been serving this field justice.

While the initial reason of choosing the name 'Neuroethics Police' was to attract attention to the podcast and try to capture people's interest - your interest - in neuroethics, we've realized (and thanks to valuable feedback from those actively working in the field of neuroethics) that we are feeding into false misconceptions and stereotypes.

The field of neuroethics has consistently embodied proactive, positive, and practical approaches. If you've been following us for a while now, you've learned what neuroethics is, including the field's efforts in building a relationship with the public, and its positive contribution to other fields.

Now, you could imagine how the name of the podcast 'Neuroethics Police' carries a negative and offensive tone, even contributing to increased misconceptions, and divide. And that's the last thing we want this platform to create.

The content that we've been providing on this platform so far has been everything but offensive, to the contrary we've been highlighting the importance of neuroethics in the works of scientists, engineers, legal scholars, philosophers, academics from other disciplines, and also the public. Despite us producing positive and supportive neuroethics content, the most obvious factor - the name of the podcast - was completely contradicting our aims and goals.

So as you can see, we take these concerns very seriously, and hence we've rebranded the platform. Please be ensured that this will not affect any of the content we've been creating for you. It's still business as usual, and there is a lot more for you to look forward to these coming months!

We thank you for being supportive, we thank you for understanding, and we hope that together we can make this platform a source of positivity and support for the field of neuroethics, starting today. Together we can build new foundations for a better tomorrow.

We truly believe that change is good, especially when it's in the positive direction!

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